I've been seeing Peter for massage therapy for almost two years. Peter is very good at identifying what needs to be worked on. He's always very flexible to my appointment requests and he's always very receptive to questions about how to stay loose and mobile. I mostly see peter before and after big races. I always feel ready for race day and recovered after race day with Peter's work.
Z. Arreguin

To know me is to know someone who does not spend money on themselves, yet I have no problem allotting money for my weekly sometimes biweekly sessions with Peter Verstegen and Exergy massage, it is an INVESTIMENT IN ME. I was a little cautious when a friend first recommended massage, not being comfortable with my own body, I was not sure what I would do with a "stranger" touching me-my apprehensions were quickly erased, Peter is the definition of professional...his verbal prompts, use of draping, and calm demeanor quickly made me feel at home. Peter's technically skilled hands are my difference, he starts every session with a review of what my body is telling me, no two sessions are the same, he modifies his therapy plans to MEET MY NEEDS, no cookie cutter one size fits all approach, which I greatly appreciate. Peter has been by my side through multiple health challenges, and a major surgery, in fact, my neuro surgeon credits my commitment to pre and post op massage therapy as a major factor in the fact I am still walking today.
C. Augustine

My initial session with Peter not only marked my first time as his client, but also the first time Id ever gotten a massage. I had some issues stemming from a series of shoulder injuries that I wanted him to focus on. The massage itself was far better than Id expected-clearly the result of not only Peters skill, but of his ability to ask questions, listen carefully to the answers, then form and implement a strategy. He was respectful of my concerns and acutely aware of the uncertainty that many of us who have never gotten a massage before face. I was put at ease immediately and left the session feeling relaxed and looking forward to another. Peters kind, empathetic nature lends itself well to his skills and I would recommend him to anyone in need of a massage therapist.
A. Jalbert

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